McGeehan proposes elimination of EPA

CHESTER – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Pat McGeehan, on Friday, launched an online petition to defund and abolish the Environmental Protection Agency.

The petition reads, “By signing this petition you are joining Pat McGeehan and grassroots supporters from across West Virginia in calling for the complete defunding of and abolition of the EPA!”

Once completed, the petition will be sent to West Virginia’s federal delegation, according to information provided by McGeehan’s campaign.

In recent weeks McGeehan, who previously served one term in the House of Delegates representing Hancock County, has been critical of what he calls the EPA’s efforts to shut down the mining industry permanently in West Virginia.

“It’s time to send a message to Washington we have had enough of this unconstitutional power grab. The EPA is out to destroy industries like mining and farming over an ideological disagreement. That is unconscionable,” McGeehan stated. “This is the perfect time to bring attention to an agency that is over-reaching and unconstitutional. Unfortunately career politicians like to talk a good game about standing up for coal miners but simply do nothing when it comes time to actually fight.”

The petition can be found on the campaign’s website at

The McGeehan campaign has also begun handing out “Save Coal, End the EPA” yard signs and bumper stickers to residents across the Mountain State in an attempt to raise awareness on the issue.

McGeehan’s opponents in the 2014 primary election include U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-Charleston, and retired Marine and state employee Rick LeMasters.