New procedures slated

NEW CUMBERLAND – The Hancock County Parks and Recreation Board has sought to implement all 11 recommendations contained in a recent four-year audit by the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office, board President Thomas Keller said.

The recommendations are as follows:

Segregation of duties – Officials should distribute among the accounting staff the duties of approving, executing and recording transactions to the extent as being economically practicable.

Detailed capital asset and depreciation schedules – Officials should conduct an inventory to determine what capital assets can be properly identified and included on a detailed capital asset schedule.

Revenue receipts – The board should develop and adopt policies and procedures governing collection procedures (including four specific recommendations).

Controls over payroll – The board should develop and adopt a set of policies and procedures addressing employee pay and benefits.

Approval of expenditures – Officials should review all expenditures of the board.

Pre-signed checks – Officials should discontinue the practice of pre-signing checks.

Maintenance of accounting records – The board should establish policies and procedures requiring the retention of all financial records and other documentation necessary to support the financial statements.

Minutes – The board should review and comply with the state statute governing the keeping of minutes by public bodies.

Itemized statements of claims – Officials should establish policies and procedures to ensure all monies expended from the board’s funding for reimbursements to employees, require an itemized account of such claims prior to being paid.

Unreported compensation – The board should establish controls which ensure that applicable forms are properly filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Uncollected and unreported sales taxes – The board should establish policies and procedures which ensure West Virginia sales tax is properly collected and remitted.

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