WLU holds Foundation Scholarship luncheon

WEST LIBERTY – West Liberty University honored Foundation Scholarship benefactors and students receiving those scholarships during a Wednesday luncheon hosted by the West Liberty University Foundation and Office of Development at the school’s Academic, Sports and Recreation Complex.

“On behalf of the university, I can’t thank our scholarship benefactors enough for what they have done to support this institution. … I don’t think there can be any greater support shown for an institution than actually providing the resources to help a highly qualified young person to get through college,” said President Robin C. Capehart.

Capehart explained how meaningful a scholarship was to him when he was in college and asked the students to turn to the donor near them and express their gratitude.

Additionally, Capehart congratulated all the scholarship winners who were in attendance at the luncheon.

“Obviously, you worked very hard during your life and you’ve excelled in some of the things that you’ve done, and so you are to be congratulated for that,” Capehart said, adding beyond the classroom he believes each student has set a goal of excellence in life that will continue with them well beyond their years at West Liberty.

Approximately $400,000 in privately funded scholarship awards were distributed to 190 students during the 2013-14 academic year. Privately funded scholarships represent just a portion of the $5 million dollars in scholarships and grants available to students at West Liberty University.

“We are so happy to honor our scholarship students and thank the generous donors who provide the financial backing for our Foundation Scholarship Programs,” said Chris Carder, executive director of the WLU Foundation.

Three students representing various educational programs spoke during the luncheon and explained what their scholarship meant to them and thanked those who made their scholarship possible. Those students included Cassandra Nowery of Morgantown, recipient of the Dr. E.J. Joseph Dental Hygiene Scholarship; Jerimy Mask of Richmond, Va., recipient of the Zach Amedro Scholarship; and Jillian Laslo of Shadyside, recipient of the Schnitzler/Hartenstein Scholarship.