Building agency aims at clearing asbestos

WEIRTON The City of Weirton’s Building Enforcement Agency has been accepting bids for asbestos removal services and is on track to rid eight single-family dwellings of the material in upcoming months.

Prolonged exposure to asbestos has been linked to lung cancer and mesothelioma, according to officials. The risk of such diseases is low unless the case involves direct contact for long periods of time, but the BEA has focused on removing asbestos in an effort to make Weirton safer, officials said.

“We’ve made motions to accept the lowest bids, and we’ve got all that done,” George Ash, agency member and Ward 4 councilman, explained. “Now we’re just waiting for the contractors to get in and get the work done.”

Pulice Construction of Weirton and Justice Business Services of Parkersburg are set to begin work in the next few months. The residences being addressed include three on Avenue D, two on Hill Street and one each on Elmer Avenue, Orchard Street and Zeta Street.

In other business, Rod Rosnick, chief code official, announced the open code official position has been filled. John Buffo is set to start the job Monday.

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