Chester will collect share of hotel-motel tax

CHESTER – The city of Chester will soon tap into a new, albeit limited, source of revenue when it starts collecting its share of the state’s hotel-motel occupancy tax.

On Monday, Chester City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that enables the city to collect on the state’s 6 percent hotel-motel occupancy tax. The ordinance applies only to hotels and motels within the city limits, including the Andrews Motel on Ohio River Boulevard and the inn that is being developed at the historic C.A. Smith house.

Hotel tax revenues in Hancock County are split evenly between the county commissioners, for parks and recreation purposes, and the Top of West Virginia Convention and Visitors Bureau, for the promotion of tourism.

With the ordinance, which takes effect immediately, Chester will be able to collect net revenues after the 50 percent earmarked for the CVB and use it for eight purposes permitted by statute:

Construction of convention facilities;

Financing the construction of such facilities;

Promotion of conventions;

Promotion of the arts;

Construction or maintenance of public parks, tourist information centers or recreation facilities (including land acquisition);

Historic sites;

Beautification projects; and

Medical care as provided by West Virginia Code.