Granato’s Deli gains approval for LVLs to return

WEIRTON Members of the Weirton Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a variance permitting limited video lottery machines at Granato’s Imported Foods and Deli on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Kathy Granato explained to the board there had been LVLs in the deli for years, but when Ohio Valley Amusements restructured in 2011, the machines went back to the state. Granato said that at the time there were no more machines available for her business. Recently another company approached Granato’s with two of the machines, and the owners decided to move forward with the idea again.

“It doesn’t change the way we operate,” Granato said. “We don’t advertise it. We don’t stay open later. Our main business is deli, and this was just convenience.”

In another matter, Carl Speicher of Skyview Drive requested a four-foot height variance for a garage he is building behind his home. The City of Weirton’s Unified Development Ordinance states that the maximum height of accessory structures is 15 feet, and Speicher had planned for a height of 19 feet. Since there are no other structures directly behind Speicher’s proposed building spot, members voted unanimously to pass his request.

Also on the agenda was a request for a variance permitting a temporary structure to be utilized for permanent use. PIA Jump Start, at 4724 Freedom Way, had been using a trailer to administer commercial drivers license testing on a temporary basis and have already had a three-month extension on the initial six-month agreement. No one from PIA was present at the zoning board meeting to further explain the request, so board members voted to table the matter until the next regular meeting.

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