Intersection concerns

WEIRTON Concerns over the safety at a major Weirton intersection were raised during Monday’s Weirton City Council meeting.

Chris Zajac addressed council regarding the light at the intersection of Main Street and Cove Road, which he believes needs a green arrow.

“The past three or four times me and my wife have come down through this intersection we’ve nearly been hit by other cars,” Zajac said.

Kondik pointed out that this issue is currently being addressed. Valerie Means, city manager, confirmed a traffic study is underway, and the intersection has already been brought to the state’s attention. A green arrow is expected to be functional there sometime this spring.

Council then convened into an executive session to discuss fire union contract negotiations. When council members returned, Vincent Gurrera, city attorney, informed everyone present that there will need to be further discussions held with the fire union.

Council members voted unanimously to pass an emergency ordinance to paint a 40 foot yellow line beginning at 3401 Zeta St. and ending at Purdy Lane to better accommodate snow plows, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

Library Director Rik Rekowski updated city council members on the scope of the West Virginia Digital Entertainment Library Initiative. The DELI program offers more than 8,000 books, audio books and videos that can be delivered to patrons’ home computers or mobile devices, and it has been in operation for more than 50 months.

“Over 22,500 e-books have been downloaded in that time in this community,” Rekowski reported. “Hancock County happens to be the smallest community of the West Virginia DELI consortium. Think about that. People are still reading.”

Rekowski added that on Jan. 23 the Mary H. Weir Public Library will host author Cindy McDonald, who plans to speak about publishing your own written materials. Film Night is also making a comeback at the library on Jan. 30 with a showing of “Despicable Me 2,” complete with free popcorn. Weekly radio classes are set to begin Feb. 1 at noon and will last eight weeks leading up to an operator technician’s license exam.

Before adjourning, Ward 7 Councilman and Parks Director Terry Weigel thanked the city for participating in the annual Christmas tree decorating contest at the Millsop Community Center and announced that this year’s winner was the Weirton United Way.

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