Power outage affects many in Brooke County

WELLSBURG – Crews with MonPower were working early today to restore power to about 1,500 homes and businesses served by the company’s Cross Creek substation.

Allen Staggers, spokesman for MonPower, a division of FirstEnergy, said a line feeding the substation went out about 7:15 a.m. but crews made temporary repairs that should have restored service to the area at about 7:57 a.m.

He said affected areas included state Route 27, Rabbit Hill, Putney and Genteel ridges and adjacent roads.

Staggers said crews were investigating the exact source of the outage, but such incidents aren’t unheard of in extremely cold weather.

“When it’s super cold like this, demand for electricity is up and equipment can get overloaded,” he said, adding exposure to the cold also can cause equipment failure.

Anyone needing shelter or other assistance because of the outage or other weather-related issues should call (304) 737-3660, (304) 527-1430 or (304) 737-5002.