City sets new worker pay ranges

WEIRTON – Firefighters and other municipal employees in the city of Weirton will have new salary ranges following a special council meeting Monday.

Weirton City Council met in special session Monday, approving ordinances establishing new salaries for the city’s firefighters and new minimum and maximum salaries for municipal employees.

Following an executive session, council members unanimously approved both ordinances.

A resolution authorizing the city to file an application with the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security Emergency Management was also on the agenda. The application aims to obtain Hazard Mitigation Grant Funding for the purchase of an emergency generator on behalf of Weirton Medical Center.

“We actually have to seek the city’s approval. This is the first step in filing the application,” explained Donna Kettridge, WMC’s vice president of professional and support services. “The hospital was built in 1978, so this is preventive maintenance. When we do hazard vulnerability analysis, the existing emergency generator always ranks highest.”

Kettridge explained that in the event of a power outage, an emergency generator can be the difference between life and death to some hospital patients who rely on electrical equipment. If approved, the grant could fund 75 percent of the price of a new generator.

“It would help Weirton Medical Center tremendously,” Kettridge said.

The resolution required no financial obligation from the city and was passed by a unanimous vote.

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