Sanitary board buys equipment

WEIRTON The Weirton Sanitary Board met Thursday and approved several equipment purchases.

Board members voted to pass resolutions authorizing the purchases of a new replacement stainless steel screen drive chain, as well as repairs for a pump at the Fifth Street lift station and repairs for a spare raw sewage pump for Valley Way and South Circle lift stations. The cost of the new equipment and repairs is about $31,600.

Board members also voted to approve a request from Apex Landfill for the city’s sewage treatment plant to serve as a backup site to receive leachate. “Leachate” is water that must be treated after percolating through the waste stored at the landfill, officials said.

The board agreed to allow Apex tankers to deposit up to 30,000 gallons of leachate per day, only in the event that Apex’s primary treatment site cannot accommodate it. The agreement is contingent upon the Department of Environmental Protection’s approval, and, if that is granted, it will last through 2015. Apex will be responsible for any damage caused by their tankers at the treatment plant.

Up to $10,000 was allotted for equipment rental to use for repairs to an exposed pipeline at the Church of Christ on Colliers Way. Rubble from the Colliers Way bridge construction over U.S. Route 22 will be used to cover the line in mid-June.

Wayne Morgan of Thrasher Engineering informed board members that the main distribution pipeline replacement happening on Main Street continues to stay on schedule, despite five “adverse weather” days that delayed work.

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