WesBanco says it’s not behind calls

WHEELING – Area residents who have received an automated call during the past few days purporting to be from WesBanco are being advised by the bank not to respond to the call.

WesBanco issued a security alert on its website Friday.

The automated calls indicate that a WesBanco debit card has been locked for security reasons. The automated message states to reactivate the card, enter the number, expiration date and PIN.

“Do not respond to that request,” the bank advised in its alert.

WesBanco said it was issuing the alert to its customers.

The calls also have gone to people who do not have accounts with WesBanco.

WesBanco emphasized in its alert that the call is fraudulent and that the bank never would solicit card information through an automated telephone message.

Anyone who has responded to the message is advised to contact WesBanco immediately at (800) 905-9043. Compromised WesBanco customer debit cards will be closed and a replacement will be ordered.

The bank advised that any attempt that was not personally initiated to obtain personal information by phone or text message, e-mail or websites should be considered fraudulent. The bank did not indicate where the calls were originating or how information was obtained.

The bank had gone through a similar situation in 2011.