Court set for case involving teen girl

NEW CUMBERLAND – A New Cumberland man is scheduled to appear in Hancock County Magistrate Court today on a charge that he solicited sex from a 15-year-old girl.

Douglas E. Wells, 42, of New Cumberland, was arrested March 24 on a felony count of soliciting a minor via computer following an investigation by the Detective Gerard Spencer of the Weirton Police Department.

The investigation began earlier in March when the girl’s mother called Weirton police, saying that a man had befriended the girl on Facebook, according to a complaint filed in Magistrate Court.

The man asked the girl how old she was and if she would ever date him, a 42-year-old, the complaint said. Spencer used the girl’s Facebook account and cellphone to chat with Wells, who allegedly asked the girl to have sex with him and to perform oral sex on him, the complaint said.

Wells also allegedly asked the girl to send him a nude picture of herself via the computer and had plans to pick the girl up so they could have sex, the complaint said.

The charge applies to “any person over the age of 18, who knowingly uses a computer to solicit, entice, seduce or lure, or attempt to solicit, entice, seduce or lure, a minor known or believed to be at least four years younger than the person using the computer, to commit any illegal act.”

Wells has not yet entered a plea but is scheduled to appear before Magistrate Michael Powell today.