I Love Yogurt celebrates its grand opening

WEIRTON – The temperatures are getting warmer and residents will be looking for something to help them cool down.

Providing a few cool treats for the community, I Love Yogurt recently opened its doors at 324-A Penco Road in Weirton.

Franchise owner Joe Farran explained the self-serve frozen yogurt shop is something he has been hoping to do for the last few years.

“I felt Weirton needed its own frozen dessert place,” Farran said. “I really wanted something family oriented.”

He noted he had lived in the Washington, D.C. area for many years and frozen yogurt businesses are in high quantity there. He felt they would be a good fit locally, as well.

The Weirton area seems to have embraced the business, too, as Farran said they have been doing well since opening in early March.

“We’ve had a great month,” he said, noting the Weirton location had the best opening of any I Love Yogurt franchise.

I Love Yogurt features self-serve machines and a topping bar, allowing customers to get as much frozen yogurt as they would like and add whatever toppings they would like.

“They like to have some control,” he said, noting the yogurt is weighed to determine the price customers will pay.

The store features six frozen yogurt machines, with two flavors available in each machine. Customers also have the option of “twisting” the yogurts in each machine, with Farran explaining they try to match flavors in a way that makes sense.

“If you do it correctly, you could have 16 unique flavors,” Farran said.

Non dairy, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, no sugar added and kosher options of yogurt often are available.

I Love Yogurt is decorated with a throwback to the 1980s, featuring toys and memorabilia from various television shows and movies, “table-top” style video games – which still cost a quarter to play – and even candy and board games that were popular during that decade.

Farran said residents who come in often can be found playing the games while eating their yogurt.

“We’re just trying to provide a good product and a good experience,” Farran said.

Farran said he is looking at possible future additions to the store, as well as projects to get involved in the community.

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