Millsop price increase approved

WEIRTON The Weirton Board of Parks and Recreation met Thursday to discuss membership rates, upgrades at Starvaggi Park and upcoming equipment replacement.

Board members voted unanimously to approve a $6 per year membership rate increase at Millsop Community Center in order to account for inflation and rising costs in recent years.

The last rate adjustment was made in 2011.

Terry Weigel, executive director, reported that membership numbers for March and April are roughly equal to last year’s. He noted that sign-ups tend to slow down as the weather gets warmer.

Coty Shingle, parks director of maintenance and operations, updated board members regarding the upgrades at Starvaggi Park.

“The office is virtually complete except for placement of the furniture. The women’s locker room is done, which leaves the men’s locker room,” Shingle said.

He added that it may not be complete before the pool season opens. Several board members mentioned that they were impressed by the improvements.

“It’s really beautiful, especially the office,” Doug Finton, board member, commented.

A bid was accepted for a hot water boiler to replace the defunct one at the community center, and that project will be moving forward soon.

Signs will be displayed at least a week or two beforehand to warn members when the hot water will be shut off, but Shingle said it will be a very brief amount of time.

The hot water system will be purchased for $48,000 from Fort Steuben Maintenance.

The Marland Heights Community Association has been working in recent years to fund, revitalize and reopen the Margaret Manson Weir Memorial Pool at Marland Heights Park.

The Park Board is being represented by City Attorney Vincent Gurrera, and the MHCA is being represented by David B. Cross, an attorney based in Wellsburg, as work on a lease agreement moves forward.

“We are waiting to receive copies of the lease. It’s in the hands of the association and we’re waiting for them to return it to David Cross who will then pass it on to Vince Gurrera,” Weigel said.

The MHCA will host a fundraising event called “Rock The Park” on May 24. The show will include three bands including Verdict, according to member Iris Himmelrick.

Tickets will be $10 per person and can be purchased in advance from association members or at the door that day.

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