Sanitary board discusses claim, projects

WEIRTON Weirton resident Kevin Hoover approached the Sanitary Board at its regular meeting Thursday to file a claim regarding an incident that he said ended with his basement floor being coated in raw sewage.

Hoover explained that when city employees used a high-pressure stream of water to unclog the sewer line on his street, Lisa Court, the drains and toilet at his residence spewed everywhere.

The matter will be referred to the city’s insurance company now that Hoover has officially registered the issue with the Sanitary Board.

Utilities Director A.D. Mastrantoni said that he was there the day of the incident and confirmed Hoover’s account. He asked that Hoover pass along any invoices for the clean-up and repairs as he gets them.

Kevin Board, secretary, reported that the pipe has arrived to repair the drainage issues at the Church of Christ on Colliers Way. Ground has not been broken yet because of higher priority projects and weather, but initial steps will begin next week. The current Colliers Way Bridge is set to be demolished around June 1, after which the rubble will be used to fill a hole that exposed a main pipeline behind the church.

Jonathan Carpenter of Thrasher Engineering updated members on the progress of the main distribution pipeline replacement.

The board voted unanimously to spend $57,780 of contingency funds in the project’s budget to expand the area being paved by about 5 feet.

The original plan called for a paving seam to be placed directly under where tires will be meeting the road, which means it would be subject to potholes and damage much sooner than a seam that falls in the middle of the road out of the way of tires.

The change in plans should resolve that issue and allow for the new pavement to last longer, according to officials.

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