Career center honors 74 at annual event

NEW CUMBERLAND – Oak Glen and Weir High seniors and course completers at the John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center finished the school year in high style with the recent awards banquet.

The annual senior/completer banquet, held at the Career Center on Wednesday, recognized 74 seniors who will graduate with the Oak Glen and Weir High classes of 2014, as well as junior completer Sabrina Chwalek, a health science student.

The first award of the evening was the Outstanding Achievement award, given to students who are selected by their instructors and who have exceeded all requirements of that program. The 2014 recipients are:

Charles Henderson (automotive technology);

Jeremy Mackey (diesel technology); and

Vanessa Hissam and Lindsey Robinson (health occupation science technology).

The Career Center also recognized students who participated in the SkillsUSA competition, held in Putnam County. The 2014 medalists are:

Oak Glen senior Keith Orr (gold medalist in electronics mobile installation);

Oak Glen senior Hannah Gilchrist (silver medalist in electronics technology);

Oak Glen senior Vanessa Hissam (silver medalist in medical terminology); and

Weir High senior Jeremy Mackey (bronze medalist in diesel technology).

Orr and Hissam will participate in the SkillsUSA national competition in Kansas City, Mo., in June.

The Career Center announced the inductees to the local chapter of the National Technical Honor Society:

Emilee Phillips (automotive technology);

Casey Baird, Sabrina Chwalek, Vanessa Hissam, Lindsey Robinson, Jaclyn Rose and Carissa Williams (health science education);

Nickolas Andrew Fair and Hannah Kathryn Gilchrist (electronics technology); and

Nicholas McCartney (welding technology).

Receiving this year’s Director’s Award was Weir High senior Lindsey Robinson, whose program of study was health science education.

The Director’s Award is given to an Outstanding Achievement recipient who also has exceeded expectations. Recommendations are submitted by staff members, and the final decision is made by Career Center Director Martin C. Hudek.

Also recognized were students who achieved perfect attendance: Jaclyn Rose and Vanessa Hissam.

The Electronics Technicians Association granted the associate level of licensure to the following students: Alexander Hays, Dalton Frye and Nickolas Fair.

Seniors and completers who received certificates for accumulated hours in their program of study were:

Auto Collision Technology: Bryon Hall (501); Zachary Hawkingberry (990); Brennan Heath (216); Jonathan Noland (777)

Automotive Technology: Dalton Champ (1,032); Christopher Dixon (426); Alex Harris (567); Charles Henderson (1,041); Rickie Littleton (1,032); Jeremy Mackey (969); Mycal Morin (822); Emilee Phillips (1,053); Austin Skinner (537)

Carpentry: Andrew Bailey (915); Joshua Blackwell (453); Robert Call (384); Tyler Campbell (1,053); Aaron Clark (1,047); Joshua Cornell (684); Charles McLaughlin (912); Devin O’Rourke (1,056); Joshua Robinson (369); Cody Wishon (1,041)

Diesel Technology: Jeremy Mackey (525); Greg McLaughlin (507); Keith Orr (528)

Electronics Technology: Matthew Chwalek (327); Nickolas Fair (1,056); Avery Flowers (1,017); Dalton Frye (966); Hannah Gilchrist (1,029); Brendan Haines (1,053); Alexander Hays (1,050); David McGraw (905); Brandon Toland (1,035); Anthony Williamson (756); Dalante Tucker (474)

Health Science Education (Wendy DeAngelis); Casey Baird (876); Michaela Casto (948); Sabrina Chwalek (801); Vanessa Hissam (981); Haley Kirkbride (795); Taylor Stafford (885); Zachary Tate (570); Carissa Williams (795)

Health Science Technology (Joan Murray); Kaytlynn Boyles (864); Cassidy Bowser (774); Tera Campbell (795); Leesa Engelmeier; Alexis Fish (867); Chantelle Harper (1,056); Lindsey Robinson (1,065); Jaclyn Rose (1,080); Samantha Watkins (879)

ProStart Culinary: Clarence Bennett (384); Zack Burchett (783); Tyler Gautier (585); Devynn Hopwood (834); Matthew Mercer (1,089); Courtney Mike (1,074); Kiersten Swiger (585)

Welding Technology: Cameron Andrews (147); Joshua Boyd (501); Nicholas Corso (1,020); Timothy Cox (1,071); Kyle Chambers (1,077); Bailey Donell (907); Mark Krynicki (1,031); Garrett Kubiskey (411); Nicholas McCartney (990); Jonathon McLaughlin (1,068); Paula Nicholson (891); Jedediah Pickles (1,074); Seth Ross (1,041); Cody Stevens (819); Dalton Tingler (879)

The Newell Lions Club Award presented its award to Oak Glen senior Keith Orr.

The Orchards at Foxcrest sponsored three scholarships this year, presenting them to health science students Vanessa Hissam of Oak Glen and Lindsey Robinson of Weir High, both of whom will be pursuing a career in nursing, and ProStart Culinary student Tyler Gautier of Weir High.

Hissam and Robinson completed 55 hours of internship at The Orchards’ Stone Pear Pavilion.

Also, West Virginia Northern Culinary Science gave a one-year full tuition scholarship to Gautier.