Primary has busy ballots Tuesday

Tuesday’s primary election will determine winners of Democratic races for Hancock and Brooke county commissioner, winners of three seats on the Hancock County school board and the continuation of two Brooke County levies.

Polls will open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m.

In Hancock County, incumbent Danny Greathouse of Weirton and challenger Joe Barnabei will vie for county commissioner. Both are Democrats.

Also in Hancock County, four are seeking three seats on the county’s school board. Toni M. Hinerman of Weirton, Laura Greathouse of New Cumberland, John Manypenny of New Cumberland and Michelle Chappell of New Cumberland are the candidates in the nonpartisan race.

The three incumbent Brooke County school board members are unchallenged.

Vying for Brooke County Commissioner are incumbent Norma Tarr of Weirton and challenger Stacey Hukill Wise of Follansbee. Both also are Democrats.

No Republicans have filed for either commission seat.

The Brooke County fire levy will raise $371,382 per year for five years, with the amount to be divided evenly among the Beech Bottom, Bethany, Bethany Pike, Colliers, Follansbee, Franklin Community, Hooverson Heights, McKinleyville, Weirton, Wellsburg and Windsor Heights fire departments.

If approved, the Brooke County ambulance excess levy will raise $799,284, to be divided among the following agencies: Brooke County Ambulance Service, Brooke County Health Department, Brooke County Public Library and its Follansbee branch, Mary H. Weir Public Library, Brooke County Parks and Recreation Commission, which oversees Brooke Hills Park; West Virginia University Extension Service, Brooke County Senior Programs, including the senior center and nutrition program; Healthways, including the Brooke County Opportunity Center and mental hygiene proceeding costs; and the Brooke County Museum and Cultural Center.

The amount also includes $55,250 for maintenance, repair and improvements to the county courthouse. The item was added to the levy when it came up for renewal in 2009.

This year is the first in which the museum will receive funding, in the amount of $10,000, through the levy.

The amounts raised by the two levies is higher, reflecting increased property values, but the levy rates, or percentage of property tax owed, hasn’t changed.

To pass, the levies must be approved by 60 percent of voters.

There also will be Democratic and Republican races for a seat in the U.S. Senate currently held by Jay Rockefeller, who is retiring.

U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican from Charleston, will face Larry Eugene Butcher of Washington, W.Va. and Matthew Dodrill of Parkersburg in that party’s bid for Rockefeller’s seat.

And Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, a Democrat from Charleston, will vie against Dennis Melton of Buckhannon and David B. Wamsley of Williamstown in that party’s race for the seat.

Candidates in several other races, including U.S. Representative and state Senator and Delegates, will advance to the Nov. 4 general election.

Brooke County voters may cast ballots at polling sites for their respective precincts. They are:

Wellsburg District: 1st Precinct, Wellsburg United Methodist Church, 11th and Charles streets; 4th Precinct, Wellsburg Primary School, Main Street entrance; 5th Precinct, Wellsburg Primary School, Charles Street entrance; 6th Precinct, Wellsburg fire station at 23rd Street; 11th Precinct, Beech Bottom Primary School; 14th Precinct, Bethany Town Building; 15th Precinct, McKinleyville Fire Club; 16th Precinct, Windsor Heights Firemen’s Club; Precinct 21B, Franklin Primary School on state Route 27.

Follansbee District: 17th Precinct, Franklin Fire Dept, 960 Washington Pike, Wellsburg; Precinct 20B, New Day Christian Center at the intersection of Rabbit Hill Road and Pleasant Avenue; Precinct 21A, Board of Education Building, 1201 Pleasant Avenue, Wellsburg; Precinct 23A, Hooverson Heights Primary School; Precincts 23B and 23D, Hooverson Heights Fire Department; 28th Precinct Follansbee City Building; 31st Precinct, Jefferson Primary School, Jefferson Street, Follansbee; Precincts 32A and 33, Follansbee Middle School, Mark Avenue & Main Street.

Weirton District: 23C Precinct, Hooverson Heights Church of Christ, 102 Church Avenue; 24th Precinct, Colliers Primary School; 25th and 26th Precincts, Freedom Place II apartments at 3720 Main St., Weirton; 34th Precinct, Millsop Primary School, Marland Heights, Weirton; Precinct 35A, Open Door Baptist Church on Eldersville Road; Precinct 35B, Goodwill Grange on St. John’s Road, Colliers; 36th Precinct, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Three Springs Drive, Weirton.

Hancock County polling sites are:

Grant District: Precinct 1, Allen T. Allison Elementary; 2, Chester Volunteer Fire Department; 3, Newell Lions Club; 5, Lawrenceville Volunteer Fire Department; 6, Hancock County Senior Center; 7, Holiday Inn Express in Newell; 8, New Manchester Elementary; and 9, New Manchester Volunteer Fire Department.

Clay District: Precinct 10, New Cumberland City Building; 11, Point Pleasant Church; 12, Oakland Fire Department; 13, Get Together Picnic Grounds; 14, County Road Fire Station; 16, Weirton Senior Center on Main Street; 17, Marland Heights Community Church; 18, Marland Heights Community Church; and 19, Hancock County Sheltered Workshop.

Butler District: Precinct 20, Weir Middle School; 21, Hancock County Sheltered Workshop; 22, Weirton Heights Elementary; 23, Liberty School; 24, West Virginia Northern Community College, 25, Liberty School; 27, Broadview School; and 28, United Methodist Church on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Residents who aren’t sure where they should vote should call (304) 564-3311, extension 288 or 282, in Hancock County or (304) 737-3661 in Brooke County.