3-2-1 Challenge honors come home

From staff reports

WEIRTON – Students from three are schools recently were awarded their second championship in a national online academic competition.

The students from Weir Middle School, St. Joseph the Worker Grade School and St. Paul School were awarded the national title in the 3-2-1 National Academic Challenge competition.

The competition is sponsored by the National Academic Association, which has sponsored competitions since 1978. The online contest is done using pyramidal short-answer questions with audio/visual elements.

Team members were from Weir Middle: Whitney Abbott, Ryan Bodrog, Natalie Cramer, Nick D’Amico, Jimmie DiGiacinto, Jillian Dodson, Ben Fedoush, Josh Fidler, Caroline Fodor, Nathan Frank, Karissa Gautier, Isaiah Glasure, Meghan Hawthrone, Brent Hinchee, Frank Ty Hudacheck, Madison Marshall, Michael Miller, Hannah Minger, Allison Phillips, Mason Rice, William Rice, Dakota Wagner, Tyler Wright, Brendan Zevios. Students from St. Joseph’s included Joey Garan and Gianna Mascio, and students from St. Paul were Kelsey Crawford and Sydney Crawford.

Gifted Education teacher Melanie Donofe, who served as team coach, said she was very impressed by the students on the team.

“The students worked together well. They thought out each question and even helped each other with the spelling of proper names of authors, artists and present day leaders,” she said. “We won the national title in the competition in the fall and they wanted to have a repeat performance for the spring. This is an excellent group of students. The team will not be together again as a group as some are moving on to Madonna and Weir High Schools. I’m extremely proud of all of them and wish them the best of luck in the future.”

Some of the questions consisted of pictures of leaders of foreign countries, audio files of pieces of music, maps of specific cities and visual questions about paintings. Sample questions can be seen and QUnlimited.com.

There were 94 middle school teams that participated across the United States.

The Weir Middle team scored 301 points – 96 percent – to place first in the Middle School Division.

This marks the second National Championship for the state of West Virginia.