Mount Pleasant memorial completed

MOUNT PLEASANT – Once known as Union School in 1867, Mount Pleasant High School continued to provide an education to students residing in the village on the hilltop until 1972.

After that it was the same building, with the same rooms, halls and water fountains, but the name was changed to Buckeye West High School, due to the Buckeye School District consolidation.

A fire consumed the building one spring weekend and the building was determined to be too damaged to be reconstructed. Students from the school were dispursed to Buckeye South High School, with the proud building not hearing the patter of tennis shoes and boots anymore.

Mounties alumni members commiserated over the loss of the building but an idea was glimmering in the back of their minds-to earn funds to put up a memorial monument with a pavilion of inscribed bricks. Some of the funds would come from the sale of bricks with the names of the loyal gold and blue fans inscribed forever. These dated back to students from the earlier 1900s up to the 1972 closure.

At the 2013 alumni association dinner meeting, Jay Herrlein, Class of 1955, gave a report that the memorial footers had been poured and that work would be evident in the near future.

Hard work brought $10,000 to the alumni coffers. It was with the right choice of builders that the alumni brought about the completion of the memorial at just more than $9,000. The completed project is standing now as a tribute to the dedication of those who attended and loved their school.

It was note there will be an additional expenditure for be landscaping at the site plus maintaining a reserve for maintenance activities.

Herrlein gave the memorial dedication speech on May 24, and the invocation was given by Jess Warren, Class of 1960, who received an outstanding alumni award for community service this year.

The national anthem was a saxophone solo by a sixth-grade pupil, Bryan Blazeski.

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