Oak Glen presents scholarships

NEW MANCHESTER – Oak Glen High School held its awards program May 29, awarding more than $500,000 in scholarships to students.

Principal Barbara Logue presented awards to the Highest Honor Students of the Class of 2014, including Shelby Hudson, Michelle Campbell, Elisabeth Six, Jenny Colaber, Madison Hill, Megan Nally and Marisa Stoffel.

Logue also presented certificates for High Schools That Work to Cullen Bennett, Michelle Campbell, Jenny Colaber, Lindsey Hawkingberry, Madison Hill, Shelby Hudson, Gabrielle Lemley, Devan Mynes, Megan Nally, Kyleigh Rice, Michael Shenton, Elisabeth Six, Kendra Snatchko, Marisa Stoffel and Karly Wiley.

Karen Martin recognized the students who received the Promise Scholarship. The students are Casey Baird, Edward Beaumont III, Alorah Beighey, Cullen Bennett, Michelle Campbell, Jenny Colaber, Haley Harper, Shania Helmick, Casey Highfield, Madison Hill, Shelby Hudson, Gabrielle Lemley, Jenna Mason, Caitlyn Moore, Devan Mynes, Morgan Poling, Ashley Pryor, Michael Shenton, Donald Shoup, Elisabeth Six, Marisa Stoffel and Ian Travis.

Ciara Cicogna presented the Ohio Valley College of Technology Scholarships to McKylie Barth and Alexis Keller.

John Olashuk of West Virginia University presented scholarships to Christopher Bailey, Cullen Bennett, Jakob Ford, Paige Freeman, Shania Helmick, Madison Hill, Kyleigh Rice, Donald Shoup, Elisabeth Six, Marisa Stoffel and Devan Mynes

The WV Northern Community College Scholarships were given by Lisa Soly to Michaela Casto, Jenny Colaber, Jenna Mason and Rachel Uselton.

Rhonda Tysk, a representative from West Liberty University, gave the West Liberty University Scholarships to Edward Beaumont III, Michelle Campbell, Gabrielle Lemley, Caitlyn Moore and Ashley Pryor.

Megan Gibson, a representative from Fairmont State College, gave the Fairmont State University Scholarships to Casey Baird, Morgan Poling and Ian Travis.

Cindy Nelson presented the Lynn Simmons Memorial Scholarships to Seth Cheuvront and Kayla Strong.

The Hughie Simmons Memorial Scholarship was given by Nelson to Kyle Woodruff.

Shela Foltz presented the James W.C. Foltz Memorial Scholarship to Mark Smith. This scholarship is given by the family in memory of a life-long educator who made a difference in every life he touched.

On behalf of the trustees of the Mary E. Watson Trust Fund, John Brenneman presented scholarships to Cullen Bennett, Michelle Campbell, Vanessa Hissam, Shelby Hudson, Megan Nally and Ashley Pryor. Mary E. Watson was a resident of this area who was extremely interested in education. The Mary E. Watson Trust Fund was set up in her honor.

David Elder presented the Albert Logston Memorial Scholarship to Megan Simcox.

Bob Milner presented the Lion’s Club Scholar of the Month Scholarship to Vanessa Hissam.

In memory of the late Lt. Col. Mark C. McGeehan, the McGeehan family sponsors a memorial award which is given to the “most dedicated senior student athlete at Oak Glen High School.” Patrick McGeehan presented this award to Megan Simcox.

The Lions Club and the Kiwanis Club of Chester sponsor the Mark McGeehan Memorial Scholarship. David Nurmi presented it to Cullen Bennett.

Steve Kourpas awarded the Chester Volunteer Fire Department Scholarships to Vincent Haddox and Mykelti McGaffic. The scholarship is awarded to students who are residents of Chester and who plan to further their education following graduation.

Sam Paletta presented the OG Soccer Boosters scholarships to Cullen Bennett, Casey Highfield and Devin Polen.

The American Legion Post 121 Scholarships was given by Mary Thorn to Marisa Stoffel and Karly Wiley.

The Hancock County Association of Retired School Employees Scholarship was presented by Cathy Glass and given to Michelle Campbell.

Carolyn Allison and Patty Bruce presented the Point Pleasant Ladies Aide Society Scholarship to Casey Baird.

Sheila Robinson presented the CTE Global 21 Performance Certificates to Seth Cheuvront, Brock Smith and Ian Travis.

Kelly Camarote presented the Edison T Chaffin Jr. Memorial Scholarship to Vanessa Hissam.

The Kaylin Blake Rice Scholarship was presented to Emilee Phillips by Kyleigh Rice.

Jeff Woofter presented the Vonda R. Woofter Memorial Scholarship to Rachelle Woofter.

David Smith presented the Weirton Rotary Club scholarship to Cody Tropeck. Smith also presented The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation Scholarships to Michelle Campbell and Shelby Hudson.

Smith presented the Marshall University Scholarships to Alorah Beighey, Haley Harper, Casey Highfield, Shelby Hudson, Michael Shenton and Kendra Snatchko.

The Tokash Technical Scholarship was given to Timothy Cox by Smith.

Alice Klakos presented the Paul Kuhns Memorial Scholarship to Gabrielle Lemley.

Klakos presented the Charles M. Pugliese & Thelma M. Pugliese Scholarships to Cullen Bennett, Casey Highfield, Vanessa Hissam and Shelby Hudson. This scholarship is awarded to seniors with a 3.0 GPA or above.

The Serra Family Foundation Scholarship was presented by Klakos to Emilee Phillips, on behalf of the Serra Family who are strong supporters of education.

The Chester Newell Sportsman Club Scholarship was presented by Klakos to Michelle Campbell.

Philip Rujak presented the OG Grapplers Club Scholarship to Joshua Cornell. Rujak also presented the OG Touchdown Club Scholarship to Christopher Burnham.

Rujak presented the Senior Athletic Awards to Andrew Bailey, football; Christopher Bailey, soccer, track; Justin Bailey, baseball, soccer; Casey Baird, cross country, track; Cullen Bennett, soccer, tennis; Madison Blackwell, track; Christopher Burnham, football, track; David Campbell, football, track; Tyler Campbell, football; Kelsey Chambers, cross country, track; Dalton Champ, football; Joshua Cornell, football, wrestling; Christopher Dixon, track; Tori Feicht, basketball, track; Avery Flowers, wrestling; Skylar Fluharty, football; Jakob Ford, baseball, basketball; Paige Freeman, soccer; Vincent Haddox, baseball, basketball; Lindsey Hawkingberry, cheering; Shania Helmick, soccer; Casey Highfield, soccer; Madison Hill, tennis; Vanessa Hissam, basketball, volleyball; Jessica Hutton, volleyball; Garrett Kubiskey, baseball; Gabrielle Lemley, soccer; Shane Logston, baseball, wrestling; Mykelti McGaffic, softball; David McGraw, basketball; Devan Mynes, cross country, soccer, track; Megan Nally, track; Devin O’Rourke, wrestling; Keith Orr, football; Paris Owen, cheering; Emilee Phillips, softball; Devin Polen, soccer, track; Morgan Poling, volleyball; Ashley Pryor, softball; Jacob Rhodes, cross country, track; Michael Shenton, football; Megan Simcox, cheering; Brock Smith, cross country, soccer, track; Mark Smith, soccer; Colton Speece, football; Matthew Stipec, basketball, golf; Kayla Strong, tennis; Ian Travis, soccer; Cody Tropeck, cross country, track; Karly Wiley, basketball; Carissa Williams, volleyball; Cody Wishon, football; Kyle Woodruff, baseball, basketball; Rachelle Woofter, track.

Rujak presented the Max Tuttle Award and Sara Thomas Award to Brock Smith and Kelsey Chambers.

Oak Glen High School has received a bequest from Charles Linn Troop and his sister Martha Troop, true humanitarians who placed high emphasis on education and positive community involvement, in memory of their parents John and Lida Troop. The John & Lida Troop Scholarships were presented by Logue to Tyler Campbell, Vanessa Hissam, Emilee Phillips, Ashley Pryor, Kendra Snatchko and Marisa Stoffel. This scholarship is renewable depending on the recipient’s course of study.