Planning commission discusses changes to development law

WEIRTON – The city’s Planning Commission held a public hearing Wednesday to consider text amendments in regards to signage definitions and the Permitted Land Use Table in the Unified Development Ordinance.

The first amendment clarified the definition of a public information sign as opposed to an advertising billboard. The definition of a public information sign is “any sign erected and maintained by City of Weirton or approved and authorized to be erected by the City of Weirton Council.”

The second amendment allows for “permitted use for automotive repair facility” in the C-3 district of the Permitted Land Use Table.

“Anyone applying in that area would be eligible for an automotive repair facility. Currently they are not. There are several facilities in that area that were used for automotive repair. As long as you continue that use it would be grandfathered in if you reestablish within one year,” explained Rod Rosnick, chief code official.

Both amendments passed by unanimous votes.