Officials address downtown parking concerns

WEIRTON — City officials are looking into concerns over parking on two downtown streets.

On Thursday, members of the Weirton Traffic Commission convened to discuss a lack of parking available for residents and businesses on the 3100 and 3200 blocks of Orchard Street and West Street.

“We’ve discussed it before lightly,” Commissioner Dave Guglielmo said, referring to conversations with members of city council and the Weirton Police Department on the issue. “We didn’t go into a lot of detail.”

Guglielmo said much of the issue stems from a lack of off-street parking in the area and most residents having multiple vehicles.

Ward 2 Councilman Matthew Provenzano explained he had lived on West Street from 2007 until 2010, and still has his office there.

He noted businesses also have issues as there are a limited number of parking lots available.

“The lots are filled up,” he said.

Commissioner Jan Hicks agreed, saying she often has difficulty finding a parking spot at her workplace.

“I work at CHANGE,” Hicks said. “I could circle the lot 10 times.”

Provenzano said he feels West Street, in particular, is wide enough that if the center yellow line is shifted and the no parking zone on the west side of the street is removed, it could solve many of the issues.

“A couple of small corrections could fix everything,” Provenzano said.

Commissioner Michael Hagg noted the idea of creating diagonal parking spaces in some areas also had been suggested.

Commissioners also raised the issue of the cost of parking permits in the city, noting permits currently cost 50 cents, and the price hasn’t been increased in many years.

Guglielmo suggested the commission take the next month, until the March 16 meeting, to further study the issue and come up with suggestions to present to Weirton Council for its review.

“No matter what we decide here, it still has to go before council,” Guglielmo said.

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