Preparations under way for Weirton election

WEIRTON — Weirton’s municipal election is still several months away, but officials are beginning to prepare for the process which will see city residents voting for mayor and seven council positions.

“The election isn’t until April, but there’s a lot to do,” City Manager Joe DiBartolomeo noted during a council workshop held Aug. 29.

A notice will be released by the city in October, DiBartolomeo said, providing a timeline for the election and other applicable information. Filing for office will take place in January.

City Clerk Kathy Mrvos informed members of council it is part of their duties to confirm polling locations in their wards and to select volunteers to work at those polling sites.

“You are responsible for the poll sites as well as the poll workers,” Mrvos said.

DiBartolomeo suggested council members look to recruit a pool of potential volunteers for each precinct, adding time will be needed to train all volunteers.

Ward 4 Councilman George Ash said a poll worker doesn’t necessarily have to live in a ward where they are working.

In a related matter, Mrvos discussed the need to upgrade the city’s ballot equipment, explaining the efforts across West Virginia to use electronic voting. Such equipment can’t be borrowed, however.

“You can’t rent them. You have to buy them,” she said.

Mrvos said she has reached out to the Hancock County Clerk’s Office for assistance, and also will be discussing the issue with the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office.

Mrvos also noted the need to make certain all city addresses are up to date, and listed with the county elections offices in the appropriate precinct or ward.

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