Travel briefs

No apartment rentals for tourists

MADRID (AP) — Palma on the island of Mallorca plans to become the first Spanish city to prohibit the rental of apartments to tourists.

Palma Mayor Antoni Noguera said Tuesday that his government will vote for the ban in a city council because “there is nothing worse than having residents who can’t live in their city nor afford a rent.”

Rents in Mallorca and in most Spanish cities have increased in recent years. Many residents and local lawmakers blame the price rise on internet sites and apps that allow travelers to rent apartments short-term directly from homeowners.

Noguera says that houses will be excluded from the ban, unless they are in protected areas, near airports or in industrial areas.

Museum realizes rare egg is real

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — A Buffalo museum has made a rare discovery within its own collection — a fully intact egg from the extinct elephant bird that until now, was thought to be fake.

Curators at the Buffalo Museum of Science were cataloging pieces in the museum’s collection when they realized and confirmed that the foot-tall egg had been mislabeled as a model. Measuring 28 inches around, it weighs more than 3 pounds.

Experts say there are fewer than 40 intact elephant bird eggs held in public institutions.

The flightless elephant bird was native to Madagascar. It grew to be 10 feet tall, weighed between 770 and 1,100 pounds and laid the largest eggs of any vertebrate, including dinosaurs. The museum will unveil the egg to the public May 1.

Robert Frost museum set to reopen

SHAFTSBURY, Vt. (AP) — The Robert Frost Stone House Museum is ready to reopen under new ownership.

The Friends of Robert Frost announced last September that it was donating the house, 7 acres of property and two barns to Bennington college.

It’s due to open for the season on May 3.

The Benning Banner reports that Frost purchased the house in 1920 and lived there until 1929. He was living in the house when he won his first Pulitzer Prize, as well as when he composed many of his poems, including “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

Frost’s house will remain open to the public but also will be incorporated into college programs and studies.