Mikel Gubanez

GUBANEZ, Mikel, resident of Amsterdam OH., passed Jan. 5 2014.

Survived by seven children, nine grand children and 15 great-grandchildren.

We lay a man to rest. A man who was born to a depressed United States.

His parents were immigrants that came to America to live a dream.

He was raised on a farm in southern Ohio, worked the farm and coal mines.

At a young age he joined and served the armed forces for 10 years.

He raised a family with a woman he met wile stationed in England.

He was a self made man, worked hard his entire life.

He never complained about what life handed him.

He was a man who done whatever it took to get through life.

This man was Mike Gubanez. Rest in peace.

You will be Loved and Missed by All.