Communication needed in sewer project

Officials with the Hancock County Public Service District want to move forward with a sewer line project for residents in the New Manchester area.

The project would extend the county’s sewage operations to more than 200 households in the Westlake Lane area, along U.S. Route 30 and state Route 8, providing a valuable service to residents and improving their quality of life. Sounds like a great idea, right?

Unfortunately, it appears there has been some miscommunication when it comes to a portion of the proposed project, and we hope it gets cleared up before anything moves forward.

PSD officials had been under the impression all residents in the affected area were on board. However, residents of Westlake Lane showed up at a recent public hearing saying they had never agreed to the project.

Now a petition, reportedly signed by representatives of 27 of the 37 houses on the road, is expected to be delivered to the PSD?office requesting they not be a part of the sewage extension.

While the project is still a few years from breaking ground, officials had planned to work on the design phase this year, which means they will need to know for sure what homes and areas are to be included.

To design a system with a particular neighborhood included, when those residents are possibly happier without the service, would just be a waste of taxpayer money.

This could be a great project for hundreds of Hancock County residents if it is able to move ahead.

Whatever miscommunication has happened so far needs to be corrected to make certain it doesn’t happen in the future where this project is concerned.

We urge all of the residents who would receive service through this project to contact the PSD office and even the Hancock County Commission to make certain everyone has the correct information before moving forward.