Keeping crime off campus

Like any small community of a similar size, West Liberty University’s campus no doubt has its share of crime. But it is the safest public university in West Virginia, according to an organization that gathers information about institutions of higher learning throughout the country. found that last year, WLU had the lowest crime rate of any of the eight institutions it checked in West Virginia. There were no reports of serious crimes such as rape, robbery or murder.

As WLU President Robin Capehart noted, the university’s campus police department, headed by Lt. Tom Hostutler, deserves a large amount of credit for holding down the crime rate. But as Hostutler himself stressed, credit is due university personnel including those in charge of student housing, too.

And finally, the WLU student body merits praise. Certain types of property crime not uncommon on a few other campuses simply are not part of the culture at WLU. And as far as more violent offenses go, WLU students clearly look out for one another.

It is unrealistic to look at an institution with nearly 2,800 students enrolled through rose-colored glasses, of course. Still, WLU appears to have achieved an enviable record for campus safety, and that is a tribute to all involved, including the young men and women who live and go to school there.