Road issue needs studied

On ongoing issue in New Cumberland needs to have some kind of response from the state, not only for a potential business looking to start up in the community, but, more importantly, for the safety of the city’s residents.

In question is the intersection of North Chester and Madison streets, which includes state Route 2 and often sees high amounts of truck traffic. That’s where the trouble lays. The heavy trucks often have difficulty managing their way around the tight turn, which was created years before any of this kind of traffic was even imagined.

A local businessman intends to start up a hardware shop in one of the buildings at the intersection, but the trucks have been known to go up onto the sidewalk and even hit the front steps of the building, causing damage to the structure and creating an unsafe location for pedestrians and future customers.

The issue was brought to the state’s attention sometime last year, and it has been studied with possible plans in the works.

City and county officials also are aware of it and have offered to check on the project’s status.

We urge all of them to work together to find a solution for this difficult situation before it becomes disastrous.