Candidates needed in local races

Several of our local communities are preparing for their municipal elections this year, with a variety of offices up for grabs.

Mayors, councilmembers and police chiefs are just a few of the positions candidates will be vying for in the coming months.

It is always good to see residents taking part in the political process and offering their services to their hometowns.

What is troubling, though, is the lack of candidates in some of the upcoming races.

Wellsburg, for example, eliminated its primary election this year after no more than two candidates had filed for any office. That’s all well and good, as it is expected to save the city approximately $5,000.

The problem is in the city’s 4th Ward, where the incumbent has decided not to seek re-election and no one filed for candidacy to fill the seat.

A similar situation has appeared in New Cumberland where the current holder of the Ward 2 Seat B council seat also decided not to seek re-election and no one had filed by the Jan. 26 deadline.

While there are procedures to take care of these situations in each city, whether it be mayoral appointment or write-in candidacy, it does cause some concern for those communities, and we hope residents take note.

A community needs individuals willing to step forward and be leaders. A lack of potential leaders is never a good thing.

We encourage residents who may be interested in filling such a role in the future to consider doing so. This year, if your community offers a write-in campaign option and you live in a ward where no one is running for that office, we encourage you to look into the possibility of running. Or you could put your name forward for consideration of an appointment.

A reduction in the number of people voting isn’t a good thing for a community to begin with.

A reduction of people interested in helping that community move forward is even worse.