Program deserves praise

A local program has been recognized by the National Institute of Senior Centers for its efforts to lend a hand to some of our local senior population, and we feel the award is well deserved.

Seniors Helping Seniors is a program operated by Hancock County Senior Services. This year, it was selected from 100 entries across the nation for a Program of Excellence Award from the NISC.

The concept is a simple one. If a senior citizen in Hancock County needs assistance with a small home repair project, they make a phone call and another senior citizen with the skills to help is dispatched.

Our area is fortunate to have a population of men and women with a variety of skills thanks, in part, to our industrial heritage. Most of the program’s volunteers, known as Hard Hats, are retired steelworkers with knowledge in areas such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical work and many others.

Through the program, they are able to continue using these skills while helping their peers.

Even though the program is only about three years old, it already has accomplished a great deal and helped many of our residents.

We congratulate all involved with its development and progress, and hope to see it continue to grow in the years ahead.