Congratulations Weirton United Way

Months of hard work by countless individuals finally paid off last week when the Weirton United Way announced it had reached its 2012 campaign goal by raising $280,000.

We wish to congratulate the United Way organization, its campaign officials, staff, executive board and all the volunteers who put together the campaign.

As we’ve said numerous times, the Weirton United Way is one of the area’s largest charitable organizations and provides funding for 15 local agencies. Without this funding, many of the programs these agencies offer might not be available to those who truly need them.

Last week’s news continues to show that hard work and dedication can pay off, and we thank everyone involved in the campaign for never giving up and for keeping that community pride burning strong.

What’s more, it shows just a sampling of what can be accomplished when our residents work together for the benefit of our communities. We have faced many adversities in recent years, but the people of Weirton, Hancock and Brooke counties consistently pull together to find a way to help each other.

We no longer live in a time when Weirton Steel is available to come in and take care of all of our community’s needs. That means we all have to work harder and try to give a little bit more of ourselves to move forward.

The campaigns in recent years have had to be extended by several months in order to make certain every last dollar that is needed could be raised.

We hope the community recognizes all of this hard work and sees it as an example of what we can all accomplish by not giving up and coming together as a community.

Failure to reach the 2012 goal was not an option for the Weirton United Way officials, and it should not be for any of us when it comes to helping our area.

We, once again, congratulate the Weirton United Way on reaching the 2012 goal and wish everyone well as they make plans for the beginning of the 2013 campaign in the coming months.