Let’s give it one more push

The Weirton United Way is slowly but surely approaching its goal for the 2012 campaign year.

While campaigns of the past had wrapped up in December or early January, the leaders and volunteers of the United Way have continued to work until reaching their goal in recent memory. It is needed because it has become more difficult to raise the funds to help our local organizations, but our United Way refuses to throw in the towel.

They continue to work for as long as they are able to, talking to everyone they can find and holding every event they can think of, until they are able to bring in that last dollar.

According to Weirton United Way officials, they still need to bring in approximately $6,000 for the 2012 campaign, and they are running out of time. Planning for the group’s 2013 campaign already has begun, and the books for 2012 must be closed at the end of this month.

That’s why we are once again reaching out to the community to show its support.

There are 15 member agencies which rely on the money raised by the Weirton United Way. Those agencies are the American Red Cross-River Valley Chapter; Boys and Girls Club of Weirton; Girl Scouts Black Diamond Council; Boy Scouts of America; CHANGE, Inc.; Community Bread Basket; Dunbar Recreation Center; Healthways; Hancock/Brooke/Ohio/Marshall RSVP; Hancock County Sheltered Workshop; Hancock County 4-H Foundation; Weirton Medical Center Foundation; Mary H. Weir Public Library; Salvation Army-Weirton and the Weirton Christian Center.

Without the proceeds from this campaign, there are many programs which might not otherwise be made available for our residents.

Even if you already have donated, if you are able to we hope you will consider making another contribution. If you know someone who has not donated, please encourage them to consider reaching into their pockets. Even if you are only able to give a couple of dollars, that will help.

Help the Weirton United Way make its goal and continue the good work it does for the Weirton community.