Road crews have done great job

The groundhog may not have been entirely accurate in predicting an early spring this year.

The threat of a decent snowstorm Wednesday morning fortunately turned out to be a false alarm as it slid past the area without dropping the predicted amount.

But there have been snow accumulations throughout the winter months and, thankfully, snow plow drivers were there to make roads safer.

It is a very difficult job to maneuver a large truck with a heavy plow on the front end through traffic, country roads and narrow city streets.

Road crews can work long shifts during prolonged snow events, but the public rarely says thanks.

Not everyone is happy about road conditions during the winter. But crews do the best they can. Salt is expensive and can impact already tight municipal budgets.

But when an approaching storm is looming, crews get ready by checking trucks and equipment. When the snow is falling, drivers hit the road with plows lowered, spreading salt and cinders as needed.

Drivers generally have a route that is followed, and some routes can be quite long and far from the garage’s starting point. By the time the route is finished, roads are becoming snow covered again.

Motorists then have the responsibility of taking it easy.

Snow plow drivers have done a pretty good job this winter. Thankfully, the winter is winding down. Now it is time to attack the potholes.