Tough decisions face Brooke County officials

Brooke County officials are discussing an idea to possibly change some of the office hours at the county courthouse.

During this week’s commission meeting, a proposal was raised by Commissioner Jim Andreozzi that could potentially eliminate Saturday hours in favor of staying open later one day a week.

The Brooke County Courthouse is one of only three in West Virginia with Saturday hours.

While it may not seem like a major adjustment to change a few work hours, it could have various ramifications for residents needing to pay their taxes, register to vote or take care of some other business.

We are sure there are many residents who may be at work during the same regular business hours of the courthouse, and who also may not be able to take a break to drive to Wellsburg.

Depending on how late the evening hours might be, it too might be difficult for some residents.

Ultimately, officials must look at the benefits of each option to see what will work best for courthouse employees and residents alike.

We ask the Brooke County commissioners to look at all options closely before finalizing their decision.

We also encourage Brooke County residents to let the county commission know what they think.

This decision will affect you either way, and our county leaders should know your thoughts.