E-cycling event good for our environment

Any chance residents of the Tri-State Area have to recycle materials and cut down on the amount of refuse is good for our community and one that we should take advantage of.

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, the Brooke County Solid Waste Authority and West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection will offer a free collection of discarded electronics and tires at the county’s recycling center in Beech Bottom.

The event is free to all Brooke County residents, and we encourage everyone to make use of it if they have any old tires or electronic items they wish to discard.

The recycling center is near the county’s animal shelter, just off state Route 2.

While many of our communities offer recycling programs for paper, glass, plastic and other items, there are special regulations for disposing of or recycling tires and electronics.

Electronic items with a screen bigger than 5-inches diagonally, for example, cannot be taken to a landfill.

That makes these types of programs important for all of us.

Officials said response to the collections has been strong in the last couple of years, and we are sure that will continue on Saturday.

Whether it be an old tire from your personal car, old answering machines, digital cameras, computer equipment or telephones, we encourage you to consider taking your old, unwanted items to the collection Saturday.

You’ll be cleaning up some space at your home and helping the environment at the same time.