It shouldn’t hurt to be a child

It is hard to comprehend how anyone can hurt a child.

Thirty years ago, the first presidential proclamation was signed declaring April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. There was a time when animals had more rights than children.

Statistics in the past thRee decades are hard to interpret – have child abuse cases increased or decreased or has the public made more reports of suspected abuse to the authorities.

Jefferson County Job and Family Services, Children Services Division, last year received 1,000 reports of suspected child abuse and neglect that warranted a response or investigation. The department reported 28 percent of the cases were substantiated.

There has been an increase in babies born to drug-addicted mothers.

It is the worst form of child abuse to have an infant crying all the time because it is going through withdrawal.

Children can’t choose their parents but parents can choose appropriate behavior to protect the health of their children.

Somebody out there has to know that a pregnant woman is abusing drugs. Why can’t they make a simple phone call to protect the health of that unborn child?

Everyone has to become involved to protect children.

If you suspect child abuse or neglect, don’t hesitate to call the police oR children services. Inaction may result in injury or even death. It is better to make the call instead of waiting. Children services or the police will investigate and take appropriate action if necessary.

Nobody likes to see a child crying. They should be happy.

But there are parents or partners of single parents that don’t care about that.

Maybe they themselves were abused when they were a child.

The caseworkers at children services have a difficult job. But their job starts when the public calls to report child abuse and neglect.

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.