Good luck to riders

Today, a group of individuals will be setting off on a journey to help raise money to benefit a local school.

The fourth-annual bike ride to benefit Tri-State Christian Academy will begin today, taking the group of five men on a 404-mile trip on their bicycles. They are asking for sponsors to assist in raising money to provide scholarships to the school, and we hope our communities show their support.

The first ride involved only two people. This year, five – the Rev. Marlin Hawley, the Rev. Darrell Maze, George Miller, Bruce Trushel and Darald Channing – will take part, riding over a course of about five days.

The first ride was 400 miles, taking the riders between Weirton and Washington, D.C. using a network of recreational trails. Each year after, 100 miles would be added. This year, however, they are taking it back to basics, with the original 400 miles and another four miles in recognition of it being the fourth year.

The plan is to add an additional mile each year the ride takes place.

We wish this year’s group of riders the best of luck as they set off on their journey.

This yearly fundraising effort has always received a great deal of support from our residents, and we are certain this year will be no different.

We encourage everyone who is able, and interested, to show their support by either making a donation or a per-mile pledge toward this ride. More information can be found by contacting either Tri-State Christian Academy or Mercy Baptist Church in Weirton.