Support broadband initiative

Internet access has become almost a necessity in today’s world, and yet there still are communities full of residents in West Virginia, and other states, who have little to no access.

An online survey currently is being collected to gauge the amount of broadband Internet service available to our residents, and we encourage everyone to take part.

The anonymous survey, which only asks for us to submit our ZIP code, will be used to show which areas of the state are still in need of online availability, as well as the type of service in operation in other areas.

All you have to do is go online to and answer the questions.

And for those who do not have Internet service themselves, remember there are places, such as our local public libraries, who have it available for you.

The Internet has become a vital tool for connecting our communities, our resources and information. With it, we can continue to grow as a state. Without it, West Virginia could fall behind even further.