Take action with interchange

Portions of the interchange of Three Springs Drive and U.S. 22 have been of concern to local officials for some time, given the number of accidents in the area, and now the state is taking a closer look to see if anything can be done to find a solution.

In recent years, efforts have been made to improve the traffic flow of Three Springs Drive to assist with the increase of business along the roadway. Improvements were made to the bridge crossing over U.S. 22 and portions of the road itself were expanded.

Unfortunately, that apparently has led to other issues as motorists find themselves having to change lanes, whether they are continuing on or making a turn. In many cases, this has led to misunderstandings and vehicle collisions, calling into question the safety of the interchange.

Weirton City Council and a representative of the West Virginia Department of Highways met in a work session earlier this week to discuss the interchange, with pledges to further study the area and look for a solution.

It’s definitely going to take more than putting up a few more signs to direct traffic, and it could take some time before a solution is found.

No matter what the solution, traffic accidents will still occur, though. Three Springs Drive is a busy roadway as the home to several of our community’s restaurants, hotels and retail establishments. And, with continued growth and development at the Three Springs Business Park, traffic is sure to only increase in the coming years.

We encourage residents to contact Weirton’s elected officials to express their concerns, or even offer some ideas for a solution. We’re certain the city and the WVDOH will be working closely together on this project in the coming months, and every possible option should be discussed.

In the meantime, we also encourage all of our residents to be careful while driving in this area of the city. Accidents can be prevented if we all practice safe and careful driving, keep an eye on our surroundings and follow the rules of the road.