Weirton right about charter

Last week, Weirton City Council faced several proposals which could see changes to the city charter, especially when it comes to the way the municipal elections are held.

The ideas included eliminating the primary election, consolidating elections to run with the county’s and consolidating polling places in the city.

Another proposal would make the city clerk position a permanent hire instead of a mayoral appointment.

While the primary election will stay in place, the other proposals ultimately will have to go before the citizens of Weirton fore a vote, and that’s the way it should be. Changing a city’s charter is never something to be taken lightly. It will affect the way a municipality is operated for years to come, even if it is something as seemingly minor as increasing the limit for discretionary expenditures from the city manager’s office – another proposal voted on last week.

There are processes in place, including multiple readings and the requirement that, if there is an objection from either a member of council or a member of the public at any time during the process, the entire issue must go before the people.

Judging by many of the comments from council last week, several realized the importance of these issues and believe they should only be decided by the citizens of this city.

We thank them for this decision, and encourage the residents of Weirton to learn more about these issues when it becomes their turn to make a choice.