Congratulations inductees

The Weirton Hall of Fame Committee has announced the seven individuals set to be inducted into the hall as part of the Class of 2013.

We applaud each of those selected as they move closer toward officially joining those already honored among the city of Weirton’s greatest contributors.

The Class of 2013 will include George Canei in the category of sports; Millie Gerbo in the category of education; Emily Horvat in the category of professionals; Tony Sellitti in the category of business and industry; Mary Binkoski Porter and John B. Sorrenti in the category of public service; and Rick Witkowski in the category of music and fine arts.

They will be inducted into the Hall of Fame during a dinner Aug. 4 at the Knights of Columbus in Weirton.

Many of our residents, both current and former, are sure to have been influenced in some way by at least one of these inductees, whether you were taught by Millie Gerbo, heard Rick Witkowski perform, or witnessed the community service of John Sorrenti.

These seven will forever be included among the likes of E.T. Weir, Duke Horstemeyer, Irene Kucan, Robert Kelly, Don Donell, Walter Weiloh and Jimmy Carey.

The Hall of Fame helps to preserve the lessons of those who have come before so they will still be available for those yet to be.

We thank those who gave countless hours to make the selection of this year’s class of honorees, as well as those who have made nominations.

It is always a challenge to make such selections as there have been so many individuals throughout the city of Weirton’s history who have made contributions toward its well being. They all deserve recognition, but it just may take some time.

If your nominee will not get inducted this year, we encourage you to keep trying.

Once again, we congratulate all who are set to be inducted into the Weirton Hall of Fame for the Class of 2013. May your contributions and lessons be long remembered.