Get out and vote on Tuesday

Several of our area communities will hold their general elections on Tuesday, and, no matter who ultimately will get elected, the important thing is for the citizens of these communities to get out and exercise their right to vote.

Residents in Follansbee, Wellsburg, Bethany and Windsor Heights will be heading to their polling places Tuesday to elect candidates to a variety of positions, including seats on each community’s council, a couple of mayors, some police chiefs and others.

In Bethany, for example, seven residents have been campaigning for five available council seats. Follansbee will elect its next mayor, police chief and two members of council. In Wellsburg, residents are being asked to pick that city’s police chief and three council representatives. While in Windsor Heights the position of mayor is up for grabs, as are five council seats.

In addition to the election, Follansbee residents will have an opportunity to take part in a survey focused on the possible future of the city’s primary elections. There has been much discussion in recent months about possibly eliminating or adjusting the election as a cost-saving measure. Officials want to find out the thoughts of their residents before moving forward.

Residents will be faced with many decisions in each town, and this is a responsibility we hope each will take seriously.

Elections are a time to look deep within ourselves and decide who we think will be best to lead our home towns for the next two, four, or possibly even six years, depending on the length of each term.

It is not about picking the most popular candidate. It is about who we think will do the best job in meeting the needs of each community.

Some communities already have held early voting opportunities, and we thank those residents who have used these programs to already let their voices be heard.

For those who have yet to cast their ballots, we urge you to take the next several hours to think hard about what you want to see happen in your community and who you think can best get you there.

Voting is an important part of being a citizen in this country. We get this opportunity to let our voices be heard, and it’s not something that should be wasted.