Local students lend a hand

It is good to see a program such as Lend-A-Hand Appalachia continue its operations, offering opportunities for our young people and assisting those in need.

Recently, 20 students from Weirton Madonna High School, as well as several adult chaperones, returned from a trip to southern West Virginia where they worked over a six-day period on various home improvement projects for residents of Baileysville.

That’s just what Lend-A-Hand Appalachia is about. Participants raise money for the trip, the supplies and equipment, and then are taken into a community to help others who are unable to afford to do many of these projects themselves.

Among this year’s projects was the construction and installation of roofs on two houses.

According to its website, Lend-A-Hand Appalachia actually was started by a group of Weirton Madonna graduates, and has continued for more than a decade, with an increasing number of students making the trip each year.

We hope our local communities continue to show their support for this program. In addition to helping those in need, it also serves as an opportunity for our local students to see first-hand how their efforts can benefit others.

All too often, programs simply raise money and then send it off with the hope it will be used appropriately. Through Lend-A-Hand, those raising the money are the ones using it, making sure it goes toward its intended purpose.

We congratulate this year’s group of students and can’t wait to see the continued success of this program.