It’s beyond time to wake up

We knew the nation was in trouble when the Obamacare law passed without anyone on Capitol Hill actually knowing everything that was in the complex document. And now, that lack of knowledge is coming home to roost, possibly in the form of everyone getting government health care unless they’re self-insured or a company owner.

The delays that the Obama administration is implementing for the socialized health care system are expanding. Employers are being given an additional year to have job-based coverage, but the loophole there is that employers currently providing coverage no longer will be required to do so, given that the nationalized coverage will be kicking in on schedule for individuals. And individuals still face their mandate to obtain coverage or start paying fines.

Smokers don’t have to worry about paying more, thanks to another stroke of the administration’s pen.

And, quietly in a 600-plus page document released Friday, the administration enacted more delays, according to the Washington Post, including this stunner:

The insurance marketplaces do not have to verify whether or not a person receives coverage at their place of employment. Why? The federal government said it would monitor the applicants but it turns out it can’t afford the manpower to do so. People who are paying less than 9.5 percent of their income for employer coverage (the tax credit qualification level) might go ahead and obtain a tax credit they don’t deserve.

In short, the health care law is proving that a government that already cannot afford to do business is planning to push more people into being covered by a government system. That the government’s pie-in-the-sky universal coverage system won’t have the personnel or systems in place to monitor who should be receiving what doesn’t appear to matter to Obama.

Nor does personal responsibility and its impact on health costs.

He’s hellbent on getting the system going and, facts and affordability be damned, there will be an Obamacare system rolling forward, unless more people on Capitol Hill wake up and vote with those who already see the handwriting on the wall and want to delay the entire system until the impact can be sorted out.