Congratulations Hall inductees

Today our community inducts seven individuals as part of the newest class of the Weirton Hall of Fame.

It is good to be able to recognize some of those who have built this city from its earliest days, continuing on to the present. They have given much of themselves over the years and deserve to be remembered.

We congratulate those members of the Weirton Hall of Fame Class of 2013 and thank them for all they have done.

The induction dinner this afternoon is sure to be a festive event, and deservedly so. From everyday citizens volunteering their time to long-time public servants, the Weirton area has a proud tradition of its residents finding ways to give back. We wish they could all be recognized in this fashion, but, for now, we focus on this year’s induction class.

The class includes local musician Rick Witkowski, educator Millie Gerbo, youth baseball coach and radio personality George Canei, developer Tony P. Sellitti, former Weirton Councilmember Mary “Molly” Binkoski Porter, public servant John B. Sorrenti and former Weirton Daily Times staff member Emily Horvat.

Each has contributed in their own way to make Weirton, as well as some of the surrounding communities, what they are today, often making sacrifices for the benefit of others.

They join a long list of honored individuals and, at the same time, are opening doors for future honorees.

Our hope is their contributions also serve as an inspiration for future generations who will then carry the torch of volunteerism, public service and community spirit.

We need people like these more today than ever before as we continue to take our community, and by extension the Ohio Valley, into a new future. We need people willing to step up, give of themselves, and take the lead down our new path, inspiring others to walk alongside them to build on our past while setting a new foundation for years to come.

Once again, we congratulate this year’s honorees, their families and friends, and others who walked with them to get us where we are today.