Drug addiction touches everyone

Drug addicts know no low when it comes to getting money to support their habit.

The drug addiction problem appears to be growing here in the Upper Ohio Valley and across the country.

Crack cocaine has been replaced by heroin, and any young people got hooked on pain pills. When the government cracked down on prescriptions, those young men and women turned to heroin, one of the most difficult drugs to escape.

Heroin is cheap and apparently easy to come by in the area.

Drug addicts generally don’t have a job and must support their habit by stealing. Some are so brazen as to walk out of a store with a large-screen television. Others steal from family members, whether it be cash out of mom’s purse or a check.

Some addicts break into vacant houses and spend hours cutting out copper pipes. Others steal electric wiring and take the time to burn off the insulation.

Their copper haul is then taken to a scrap yard where they get cash for their next high. But the worst way to get cash for drugs recently came out of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Three men broke into a mausoleum and then forced open caskets so they could take jewelry inside. If they could steal from their mother, then stealing from the dead is no worse.It shows the extent the drug addict will go to get cash.

There are a lot of people in our community who need help battling a drug addiction. Family and friends need to step up and try to get help for addicts. It is difficult and many times a long road to recovery, but the attempt has to be made.

Too many people are overdosing, some are even dying. Police reports have incidents almost daily of an unconscious person being found. Some are at home. Some, even worse, are found behind the wheel of a car. A hypodermic needle still in their hand.

Police make arrests and the cases go through the court system, but the jails and prisons are bursting with addicts.

The community needs to come together to work on getting help for the addicts.

Everyone in some manner is touched by an addict, whether it be higher prices at the store because of shoplifters or a car broken into to take change.