Opportunities continue

The successes continue to pile up for the Business Development Corp. of the Northern Panhandle and our local officials working to produce new economic development opportunities for our region.

Through a continuing project to remediate and market the former Taylor, Smith and Taylor pottery property in Chester, the BDC has been drawing more eyes to Hancock County and potential new projects.

One of those potential projects comes through the Communities of Achievement program, which is providing technical assistance to help identify other sites for economic development in northern Hancock County.

The BDC has been working diligently in recent years to catalog and market such sites in the Northern Panhandle to potential developers, with representatives traveling throughout the United States and even overseas.

That brings new, fresh eyes to our region which, hopefully, will continue to bring prospects for new businesses, industries and, most importantly, jobs for our residents.

Involvement from Communities of Achievement and other such programs is sure to bring even more attention to the Northern Panhandle.

Among the objectives of the program are choosing a brownfield property – usually a former industrial site – and then redeveloping it in a way that makes sense for the community, as well as identifying funding sources for such projects.

Various local officials and residents also will be involved in this process, making sure the voices of Hancock County are represented.

We look forward to following the process and seeing the opportunities these new efforts bring for our area.