Detectors are needed

Weirton businessman Harold “Bubba” Miller kicked off his campaign to provide better safety measures in our local schools last week with a donation of three carbon monoxide detectors to St. Paul Grade School.

His plan is to raise money for the purchase of similar devices to be installed in every school in Hancock County, both public and private.

In the meantime, the former Weirton councilman also has been speaking with officials on both the local and state levels in the hopes of getting legislation passed requiring the devices in West Virginia’s schools.

According to Miller, only three states currently require carbon monoxide detectors in their schools, with a couple more debating the possibility of passing their own laws.

West Virginia is not among those numbers, but we think it should seriously be considered.

Smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and many other safety measures are required under state laws, and yet there is nothing to alert school officials and students in the event this colorless and odorless gas makes its way into the school’s hallways.

Yes, it will be an added expense to school districts, but we think it is well worth that expense if it means better protection for our students and teachers.

Miller has been discussing the issue with Hancock County school officials, and appears to be making some headway. We encourage them to seriously consider this opportunity, even if they are not required to do so.

We also encourage our elected officials to look into the issue more and do what they can to consider enacting such a law in West Virginia.

It’s a matter of safety for those who need the most protection.