Have a safe homecoming

It’s an exciting time for teens, as homecoming celebrations begin this weekend at area high schools.

The festivities give students the opportunity to enjoy themselves, joining friends, family and alumni as they cheer on their team, hopefully, to victory and also get dressed up and dance the night away.

But they also should remember to do all of these things as safely as possible.

There is certain to be much fanfare surrounding all of these events, but precautions also must be taken.

As during any time when students are out on their own, they must be mindful if they are driving. As has been documented many times, teenagers aren’t as experienced at driving as many adults and might not always be concentrating as much as they should, especially if there are numerous students in the vehicle, all with the goal of having fun.

As with any student festivities, we also must warn against the possibility of drinking. There are certain to be a few extra parties and, unfortunately, there often is the possibility of underage drinking. We warn students not to drink during homecoming, especially for high school events – it is against the law even if it’s in the safety of your own home.

Students especially shouldn’t drink and drive. Underage drinking is bad enough, but when you then decide to take even more of a risk by going out on the road, you are endangering yourself and others.

Here’s to a happy homecoming for all teen partakers. Have fun, but above all else, be safe.