Put safety first in area workplaces

The Upper Ohio Valley has a history of men and women working in dangerous jobs.

Being employed in a steel mill or a coal mine allowed workers to bring home a good pay check but workers also had a higher risk of being injured or even killed on the job.

Now the oil and gas industry has come into the area with gas wells and the associated construction.

Just like those who work in the mills or mines, gas and oil workers face dangerous jobs.

One worker from Minnesota lost his life last week in an accident on a pipeline construction project in the Seven Creeks Road area in Island Creek Township.

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident in which the man who was killed had complained the brakes on the piece of heavy equipment he was driving weren’t working properly, according to a report from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

There have been other incidents in which workers have been injured at gas and oil wells sites throughout the Upper Ohio Valley.

The safety of those who work in the gas and oil industry has to be a high priority. Accidents, fatal and otherwise, occur at all types of job sites and many could have been prevented with safety precautions being followed.

There are many workers coming into the area for jobs with the gas and oil industry. There are heavy equipment operators, well workers and drivers hauling water and materials to the drilling sites.

The roads are filled with the drivers of heavy trucks. Safe driving is a must for all those involved.

They are on the road with other vehicles and can cause a serious wreck if they aren’t driving safely.

Workers on gas and oil drilling rigs also have to follow safety procedures. If not, there can be a serious explosion. Those employees can work long days and mistakes can happen. Drivers can get tired and take their eyes off the road.

Fellow workers depend on the safety of others on their “team” to make sure the work site is safe and equipment is working properly.

Other accidents will happen in the future, but companies and workers must make sure safety precautions are taken to minimize their number.